Mission /Vision


Soulistic is a very special space where we want everyone to experience the beauty of holistic healing and the various benefits that come with it. We changed our lives and want to share with others/you the remarkable effect of alternate therapies and healing. Health and happiness has always been the top most priority for us. And what better way to heal oneself than alternate therapy.

A friendship that started while attending hypnotherapy classes has grown into a business partnership. We wanted our venture to be an honest effort towards the betterment of society and help individuals reconnect with their mind, body and soul.


To be at peace with one’s self is a beautiful feeling. At Soulistic we aspire to help you reconnect with your inner consciousness using the best alternative therapies from around the world that allow physical, spiritual and intellectual growth along with holistic healing.


To bring to forefront the measures for cure and prevention of various diseases related not only to the physical but also thought and emotional body.